Measuring Democratic Development in Africa (Mascha Rauschenbach, Fall 2015)

Übung, Fall 2015: Methoden der Internationalen Beziehungen II: Measuring Democratic Development in Africa

Instructor: Mascha Rauschenbach

HWS 2015
SWS: 2


In this course, students will be introduced to contemporary research on African politics. The goal of this class is to enable students to conduct their own research and write scientific papers. Students will receive an overview over relevant data sources, including macro-level indicators of democratization, constituency-level election data and micro-level survey data. We will also compare the aptitude of qualitative versus quantitative data for different research questions in the field of democratization. Furthermore, students will investigate the difference between observational and experimental research and engage in state-of-the-art research employing field, lab, survey and natural experiments. Finally, students will be introduced to the way donors evaluate their programs’ impact on democratization, ranging from evaluations of broader strategies to impact evaluations using randomized trials.

Students will be introduced to these methods through the discussion of empirical studies, and by hands-on exercises in class and at home, including replications and extensions of existing studies.

Office hours:

Wednesday, 16:00 – 17:30 (during weeks of teaching)

Parkring 47, Room 111

Dates and times:

Wednesday, 13:45-15:15 (weekly), Room: B6, 23-25, A-102