The Causes and Consequences of Terrorism (Julia Semmelbeck, Fall 2015)

Proseminar, Fall 2015: Introduction to International Relations: The Causes and Consequences of Terrorism

Instructor: Julia Semmelbeck

HWS 2015
SWS: 2


This seminar introduces students to the politics of terrorism. The focus will be on theoretical and empirical studies of its causes and consequences. Looking at different cases of terrorism we will cover issues of definition and typology. We will use theoretical and empirical approaches to study the strategies and motivations of terrorism. Underlying causes of terrorism, considering issues such as when, where, and why terrorism occurs will be addressed. Furthermore, we will discuss the decline of terrorism and its consequences, both for the outcome of conflicts and domestic politics.

Course requirements:

Students’ regular attendance and active class participation is required as well as a presentation and a research paper (all in English).

Office hours:

By appointment (please contact me via email)

Dates and times:

Tuesday, 17:15–18:45 (weekly), Room: B6, 23-25, A–103