Political Violence and Repression (Christian Gläßel, Fall 2015)

Übung, Fall 2015: Methoden der internationalen Beziehungen II: Political Violence and Repression

Instructor: Christian Gläßel

HWS 2015
SWS: 2


The goal of this exercise is to gain a deeper understanding of the methodological approaches to contemporary research on political violence and repression. In the first part of the course we will engage with central questions of research design such as sample size, case selection, conceptualization and operationalization. Students are encouraged to carefully think about implications for their own research project. In the second part we will examine various measurements that have been used to estimate political violence and repression. The participants are asked to actively explore the selected datasets, to run their own analyses and to discuss state-of-the-art applications to get a better understanding of specifically conflict-related problems of social scientific research. Upon successful completion of the exercise, the participants shall be able to critically evaluate the construction, use of and conclusions drawn from studies that utilize these measures. The course language is English.

Course requirements:

  • Regular attendance and active course participation (pass/fail)
  • Presentation (pass/fail)
  • Research note on theoretical argument (pass/fail)
  • Empirical research note (graded)

Office hours:

By appointment.

Dates and times:

Wednesday, 15:30–17:00 (weekly), Room: B6, 23-25, A 103