Mascha Rauschenbach

mascha88 Dr. Mascha Rauschenbach

Post-Doctoral Researcher /Lecturer

Mascha Rauschenbach is post-doctoral researcher/lecturer at the Chair of Prof. Sabine Carey at the University of Mannheim. Her main fields of interests are political clientelism, African politics, elections, democratization, foreign aid, conflict, and the political economy of development. She received her PhD from the Center for Doctoral Studies in Social and Behavioral Studies at the University of Mannheim. In her PhD dissertation entitled “The Importance of Preaching to the Converted: The Strategic Use of Campaign rallies, Campaign Promises, Clientelism, and Violence in African elections” she studied campaigning strategies in Africa. During fieldwork in Ghana, she collected data on campaign rallies and campaign speeches in Ghana’s 2012 presidential campaigns, and conducted a survey experiment, focus group interviews and interviewed campaign managers. She holds a Diplom (“Master”) in Economics, Cultural Studies and Languages from the University of Passau. In her diploma thesis she conducted field work in Cameroon in cooperation with the GIZ (German Development Assistance) and studied the effects of the decentralization reform on local conflict.

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