International Conflict (Spring 2014, Ershova)

Instructor: Anastasia Ershova

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20 Teilnehmer
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In this course students will be introduced to the contemporary research on various forms of international conflicts, their causes and roots, and implications for the state. Additionally, this course seeks to identify the evolution of conflicts by addressing a set of substantive questions. What is the nature and morality of war? What are the roots of the conflict? What are the economic explanations for wars and conflicts? How do they change over time and what kind of new explanations are there? What is the relation between individuals, states and institutions in modern conflicts? The seminar will introduce students to the underlying theoretical and analytical perspectives to the study of international conflicts. It will discuss the rationale for international bodies and individual nation’s intervention in international warfare, the causes and consequences of civil conflict and, the nature of intrastate organized violence.

  • John Baylis, James Wirtz, Colin S. Gray, Eliot Cohen, Strategy in a Contemporary World: An Introduction to Strategic Studies, Oxford University Press, Second Edition, 2007 (SCW)
  • Fearon, James D. 1995. ”Rationalist Explanations for War.” International Organization 49(3): 379-414.
  • Kenneth N. Waltz, Man, the State and War: A Theoretical Analysis, Columbia University Press, 1954(MSW)

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