Proseminar: Einführung in die Internationalen Beziehungen: Peace and Conflict (IB) (HWS 2013)

Instructor: Adam Scharpf


This seminar offers an introduction to peace and conflict studies. Its central aim is to provide students with an overview of some of the primary theoretical perspectives and analytical approaches for studying the onset, duration, and termination of inter- and intrastate armed conflicts. Special attention will be paid to the grand theories of international relations (e.g. Neo-Realism, Liberalism, Neoliberal Institutionalism). Students will learn how regime types, economic development, natural resources, military interventions, or international organizations may cause or prevent armed conflict. Emphasizing theory, conceptualization, and methodology, we will discuss and critically evaluate influential studies on armed conflict. The course will be conducted in English.


Fearon, James D. 1995. ”Rationalist Explanations for War.” International Organization 49(3): 379-414.

Oneal, John R. and Bruce Russett. 1999. ”The Kantian Peace: The Pacific Benefits of Democracy, Interdependence, and International Organizations, 1885-1992.” World Politics 52(1): 1-37.

Blattman, Chris and Edward Miguel. 2010. ”Civil War.” Journal of Economic Literature 48(1): 3-57.

Course Requirements

Course requirements include regular attendance, active class participation, a class presentation, and two critical essays.

Dates and Times: Thursdays 10:15-11:45 (weekly), Room: A 5, 6 Bauteil B – B 318