Proseminar: Introduction to International Relations: International Relations and Contentious Politics (IB) (HWS 2013)

Instructor: Anna-Lena Hönig


In this seminar, we will discuss explanations of intra-state conflict, especially protests and social movements. As the case of the ”Arab spring” shows, transnational factors have recently gained more attention. Therefore this seminar aims to integrate theories of development, international relations and social movements to analyze the impact of the transnational level on such cases. Using this theoretical background the aim is to explain among others the onset, intensity and success of protests or social movements introducing both qualitative and quantitative methods. This theoretical and empirical insight will prepare students for writing a research paper. This course will be taught in English and German (see dates and times below).


della Porta, Donatella, Javier Alcalde, Louisa Parks, and Federico Silva. 2010. ”Effects of transnational protest: some reflections on 12 protest campaigns and more.” Paper presented at the conference on Social Movement Outcomes, Geneva. download_file (February 16-17 2010).

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Rao, Rahul. 2010. Third World protest. Between home and the world. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Course requirements and assessment

Students’ regular attendance and active class participation are required as well as a presentation and a research paper (all in English).

Registration: via Studierendenportal (recommended for BA Politikwissenschaft, Basic Module International Relations, 3rd semester)

Office hours: By appointment

Dates and Times: 

Mondays 13:45-15:15 (wtl), Room: A 5, 6 Bauteil B – B 244 (in English language)

Wednesdays 12:00-13:30 (weekly), Room B 6, 23-25 Bauteil A (Hörsaalgebäude) – A 103 (in German language)