Introduction to International Relations (IB) (HWS 2013)

Instructor: Professorin Dr. Sabine Carey

Recommended for 3. semester, BA Students, Basismodul IB Basismodul IB Studierende in den Diplom-, Magister-, Lehramtstudiengängen


This module provides an introduction to international relations by giving students the basic tools and theoretical concepts neessary to analyse international politics, to unterstand specific historical events or contemporary issues. Key elements and terms of international relations theory will be introduced and explained and core themes will be discussed, including the role of different actors and institutions in the international system, theories of war and peace, international political economy and questions of development and transnational politics.


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Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce. 2010. Principles of International Politics: People’s Power, Preferences and Perceptions, 4th edition. Washington DC: CQ Press.

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Office hours: By appointment

Dates and Times: Tuesdays 08:30-10:15 (weekly), Room: B 6, 23-25 Bauteil A (Hörsaalgebäude) – A 001