Hauptseminar: The Politics and Economics of Conflict


Instructor: Prof. Sabine Carey and Prof. Hendrik Orzen

Course title: The politics and economics of conflict

Please note: the first meeting will be an introduction: Fr 15.02.2013 12:00 – 13:30 h

Method (hours per week): Block seminar

Course level: Bachelor

Course language: English

Prerequisites: Microeconomics B (only for BWL students) not relevant for Political Science students

Examination: seminar paper, seminar presentation, active participation in class

ECTS Credits: 6 (BWL students) 7 (Political Science students)

Course description: This is an interdisciplinary seminar on conflict research, introducing students to theoretical debates and arguments of contemporary conflict studies from the fields of economics and political science. In the economics part, we will mainly study how situations of conflict can be modeled employing the rational choice approach and game theory. In the political science part, the course will focus on how theoretical explanations of armed conflict and civil war can be evaluated with empirical research.

Contact persons:

Prof. Sabine Carey, email: sabine.carey@uni-mannheim.de

Prof. Dr. Henrik Orzen, E-Mail: henrik.orzen@uni-mannheim.de, L7, 3-5, room 405

Dates and Times:

Friday 15.02.2013, 12:00-13:30, Introduction

Friday 8.03.2013, 10:15-17:00, Block I

Friday 15.03.2013, 10:15-17:00, Block II

Friday 12.04.2013, 10:15-17:00, Block III

Friday 19.04.2013, 10:15- 17:00, Block IV

* für Studierende des 4. Fachsemesters geeignet