Hauptseminar: The Creation of International Law: From Natural Law to the Law of Nations

Instructor: Meghan Helsel (the Johns Hopkins University)

Course Description:

This course will trace the development of International Law European legal scholars in the Early Modern period. This period marked the beginnings of European imperialism and the rise of the state system within Europe, and conceptions of law, justice, contract and authority created during this time and established in law continue to impact the international system. Theorists studied will include Vitoria, Suarez, Hobbes, Grotius, and Pufendorf. We will discuss contemporary theories regarding just war, sovereignty, human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, the nature of the international system, and the existence of for international society.

Selected Readings: t.b.a.

Recommended for: BA Students, Advanced Modul International Relation, 5. Semester

Registration: via Student Portal from 16.05.2012 – 22.05.2012 12.00

Office hours: to be determined

Dates and Times: 

Tuesday 17:15-18:45 (weekly), from 04.09.2012 to 04.12.2012 , Room A 5, 6 Bauteil B – B 318