Vorlesung: African Politics

Instructor: Prof. Sabine Carey

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BA: Studierende im BA-Studiengang, Aufbaumodul ab dem 4. Semester

Course Description:

This lecture introduces students to the political systems and to the nature of political interactions in sub-Saharan Africa. It gives a brief background on pre-colonial history and outlines the impact of colonialism on the political structure of post-independence regimes. It examines the role of ethnicity, the prospects and problems of democratisation, economic development, civil war and the involvement of international actors on the African continent from colonialism to the present day. The countries of sub-Saharan Africa differ greatly in their experiences with political leaders, institutions and economic programmes. The lecture provides a critical assessment of the political changes countries south of the Sahara have undergone and to develop a framework for understanding the problems and challenges facing these countries.


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Collier, Paul and Anke Hoeffler. 2002. ”On the Incidence of Civil War in Africa,” Journal of Conflict Resolution 46(1): 13-28.

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Dates and Times:  Tuesday 10:15-11:45 (weekly), from 12.02.2013 to 28.05.2013, Room: A 5, 6 Bauteil B – B 243