Vorlesung: Introduction to International Relations (IB/ZG)

Instructor: Dr. Paulina Pospieszna

Course Overview

This lecture provides an introduction to international relations by giving students the basic tools and theoretical concepts necessary to analyse international politics, to understand specific historical events or contemporary issues. Key elements and terms of international relations theory will be introduced and explained and core themes will be discussed, including the role of different actors and institutions in the international system, theories of war and peace, international political economy and questions of development and transnational politics. This course will be conducted in English.


For each week there will be two essential readings plus several supplementary readings. As introductory textbooks we will use the following:

• Frieden, Jeffry A., David A. Lake and Kenneth A. Schultz. 2010. World Politics: Interests, Interactions, Institutions. New York: W.W: Norton.

• Baylis, John, Steve Smith and Patricia Owens. 2008. The Globalization of World Politics. 4th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

• Russett, Bruce, Harvey Starr and David Kinsella. 2010. World Politics: The Menu for Choice. 9th ed. Boston: Wadsworth.

• Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce. 2010. Principles of International Politics. 4th ed. Washington, CQ Press.

Assessment: Final Exam 13.12.2012 at 14.30. Location: Variohalle CongressCenter Rosengarten am Wasserturm => map here

Registration: Via Studierendenportal

Dates and Times: Tuesday 08:45-10:00 (weekly), from 04.09.2012 to 04.12.2012, Room B 6, 23-25 Bauteil A (Hörsaalgebäude) – A 0.01