Hauptseminar: Post-conflict Reconstruction: Role of Domestic and International Actors (IB)

Instructor: Dr. Paulina Pospieszna

Course Overview

This course examines the theory and practice of post‐conflict reconstruction. Topics include the history and development of peace building operations, strategies for conflict resolution, the role of international and domestic forces in peace-building, and the relationship between domestic and external actors in rebuilding the war-torn society. A particular attention will be paid to democratic peacebuidling: models of democracy promoted by international peacebuilders, strategy for democratic peacebuilding (guiding principles and key elements) with a special focus on democracy assistance to civil society in post-conflict countries. In the last few meetings we shall examine individual cases of civil war, the efforts made to restore peace, and their success or failure. This course will be conducted in English.


This is a reading course. Students are expected to come to class prepared to discuss assigned readings. Readings will be drawn from the academic journals and books and will be available electronically via Ilias.

Assessment: Students will be assessed on their regular participation, class presentation, and written research paper

Registration: Via Studierendenportal

Dates and Times: Friday 10:15-12:00 (weekly), from 07.09.2012 to 07.12.2012, Room: B 6, 23-25 Bauteil A (Hörsaalgebäude) – A 1.02