Conference Presentations at EPSA 2019 in Belfast

Sabine Carey, Cosima Meyer, Felix Olsowksi, and Katrin Paula participated at the European Political Science Associations Annual Convention (EPSA) 2019 in Belfast, June 20-22, 2019.

Sabine Carey presented the paper “Shades of peace: Perception of security in Sri Lanka” (co-authored with Christian Gläßel and Belén González) in the panel on Post-conflict reconstruction. This paper is part of the ERC project RATE (FP7/2007-2013/ERC Grant Agreement no 336019). She acted as a chair in the panel Self-determination and secessionism.

Cosima Meyer presented her paper “Surviving the Aftermath: Understanding How Military and Political Experience Affect Post-War Political Leadership Survival” in the panel Conflict and the survival of leaders. A co-authored paper with Britt Bolin (University of Mannheim) on “Power in the Post-Conflict Period: The Effect of Armed Conflict on Women’s Political Leadership Positions” was presented by Britt Bolin in the panel Gender, identity, and conflict.

Felix Olsowski presented the paper on “The Myth of Casualty Aversion: How Do Casualties Influence States’ Decision to Provide Personnel for UN Peacekeeping Missions?” in the panel Peacekeeping and dispute resolution.

Katrin Paula presented the paper “The Diffusion of Anti-Government Protests in Time and Space” in the panel Conflict dynamics and diffusion.