MA Dissertation Colloquium: International Relations / Political Science (Banholzer, Spring 2015)

Instructor: Lilli Banholzer


This thesis colloquium aims to give Master students the opportunity to present their research design to a larger audience, to receive suggestions and discuss problems. In your presentation you may set your own emphasis and guide the discussion into a direction that is most helpful for you. The thesis colloquium further allows Master students to receive an insight into the working processes of others which will stimulate and inspire your own work.

Course requirements:

Your thesis topic needs to be in the field of international relations, preferably peace or conflict studies.

Recommended for:

Master students preparing and writing their MA thesis.

Office hours:

Wednesday 12:30–14:00 (please sign up at my office door, times may change)

Dates and times:

Wednesday 12:00–13:30, Room: A5, 6, B–121